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ViniTannin™ SR

Special tannin preparation the fermentation of red grapes and refinement of red wines

Packing units: 1 kg


  • Highly purified, 100% natural and derived from top quality European grapes
  • Optimizes colour fixation of the anthocyanins
  • Excellent integration into the wine or juice
  • Easy to dissolve
  • No bitter or astringent flavour
  • Very low dose rates, practical packing - very competitive cost-in-use

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ViniTannin™ SR is a highly purified tannin preparation derived from red grape skins. It optimizes the stabilization of the colour pigments (anthocyanin chains) in juice or wine stage. ViniTannin™ SR also improves the texture of the wines without adding any bitterness or harsh astringent flavours and improves the ageing potential of the wine.

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