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MaloBacti™ HF2

New freeze dried bacteria strain for low pH and high alcohol. The standard for MLF in red and white wine.

New MLF starter culture

MaloBacti™ HF2 has an outstanding performance to conduct fast malolactic fermentation in wine with high alcohol content or low pH, and it works equally well in both red and white wines. MaloBacti™ HF2 is a strain of Oenococcus oeni and was isolated from a Pinot Noir wine.

  • Very high tolerant to high alcohol conditions in wine, up to 16% Vol Alc.
  • Very tolerant to low pH conditions, down to pH 3.0, temperature tolerant down to 13°C
  • Outstanding fruity flavour profile, accentuation of the own flavour

New +A3 process
The new +A3 process accommodates an increased number of active cells in combination with a so far unmatched fast activation and perfected adaption of the bacteria for the inoculation in wine or must.

  • For fruity red and white wines. No production of biogenic amines.
  • Increase of the survival rate of the bacteria at inoculation.
  • Ideal adaption to difficult conditions in wine in only 6-8 hours!


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